About Us

Echelon is a Sydney-based company that designs and manufactures a range of architectural fixtures and furniture for commercial, hospitality and home applications. Our desire is to develop products that are unique, well designed, good value and most importantly, satisfy our customer’s needs.

Our range of products include:

  • Wine Racks for cellar and tabletop
  • Table Bases for cafe, restaurant and pub
  • DVD  & CD racking for shelves & drawers
  • Office Desks & Workstations

We also offer an industrial design service for product development, prototyping and R&D.

At Echelon we believe that the simplest designs are often the best. Excellence in design is about finding the elegant solution – but it is also about manufacturing the product in an affordable and sustainable way. Cost efficiency is as important as form and function. Echelon has earned a strong reputation for providing high-quality products backed up by excellent service and support.

Table Bases

modern metal wave wine rack

Wine Racks


DVD Rack for drawers

CD & DVD Racks