Echelon is a Sydney-based company that designs and manufactures high quality wine racks for home and hospitality applications. We offer two systems – Rhythm and Echelon. Both are designed to install into joinery although some configurations of the Echelon rack can free-stand on bench and countertop.

We also manufacture CD/DVD storage racks that sit horizontally and are ideal for shelf and drawer applications.

Our range of products include:

  • Echelon Wine Racks for cellar and bench top. Modular system with virtually no limit to height and width.
  • Rhythm Wine Racks for cabinet applications such as kitchens. Integral translucent back panel allows for easy back-lighting.
  • DVD  & CD racking for shelves & drawers. Available in two lengths. Can accommodate both CDs (flip) and DVDs.

Rhythm Wine Racks


Echelon Wine Racks


CD/DVD Racks