Echelon Wine Rack – 12 Bottle Kit

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Beautiful bottle storage, this 12 Bottle Wine Rack can free-stand on kitchen bench, tabletop or bar. Can also be built into joinery as part of a custom cabinet kitchen or built-in shelving. Modular design allows additional racks to be nested side by side or stacked on top.

  • Stores 12 bottles or 14 if top tiers are used
  • Made from aluminium with architectural grade anodised finish
  • 426mm W x 379mm H x 200mm D
  • 16.77″ W x 14.29″ H x 7.9″ D
  • Shipped flat-packed
  • Assembly time 8 minutes

*Designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces such as counter, shelving or bench top.

Additional information

Weight8.6 kg
Dimensions200 × 426 × 379 mm