Echelon Wine Rack – 36 Bottle Kit 1×36 Single Stack

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This single stack 36 Bottle Wine Rack is suitable for narrow and tall spaces – next to a fridge for example. When designing a new kitchen this is a great way to utilise space too narrow for a standard cupboard.

Additional modules can be stacked if more height is needed – or try the KWR24-V. Easy to accommodate into cabinet design – simply build rectangular recess to the dimensions specified – clip the rack together and slide into space. Brackets are included to secure to back of cabinet or wall.

  • Stores 36 bottles or 37 if top tier is used
  • Made from aluminium with architectural grade anodised finish
  • 226mm W x 1939mm H x 200mm D
  • 8.9″ W x 76.34″ H x 7.9″ D
  • Shipped flat-packed
  • Assembly time 20 minutes

*Rack is designed to locate on horizontal surface such as shelf, counter or bench. Ensure surface has adequate strength to support combined weight of rack and bottles.

Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions200 × 226 × 1351 mm