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Wine rack inserts for cabinets and built-in joinery

Rhythm wine rack cabinet inserts are a simple way to create a striking feature of your bottle storage. These inserts are designed to slide into built-in joinery. Ideal for custom kitchens and bespoke cabinetry, cellars and wall units.

The bottle cavities are formed from wood composite profiles – creating elegant and rhythmic contours. The wood-grain and metal fascia combine to create an intriguing combination of materials – a blend of sculpted and engineered components.

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6 bottle kit in joinery (RV1X6)
6 bottle kit in joinery (RV1X6)
Rhythm wine rack insert in cabinet. 12 bottle
12 bottle kit in joinery (RV2X6)


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Rhythm wine rack cabinet insert
RV1X6 Alloy
black wine rack backlit
RV1X6 Black
wood wine rack insert
RV2X6 Alloy
wine cabinet insert black
RV2X6 Black
wine cabinet bottle rack backlit
RV3X6 Alloy
black wine rack built-in
RV3X6 Black
backlit wine rack insert for kitchen
RV4X6 Alloy
black wine rack cabinet insert
RV4X6 Black
wine rack kitchen island
RH7X3 Alloy
wine storage kitchen island
RH7X3 Black