Echelon Wine Rack
Technical Info

The Echelon Wine Rack is a modular bottle storage system made from extruded aluminum profiles. The individual S-shaped modules click together and stack to create a beautiful ribbon-like form. The flexibility of being able to add individual modules allows you to tailor your rack to suit available space. Ideal for wine cellar racking and unusual spaces such as under stairs.

CAD profiles in .dwg format can be downloaded to incorporate into your plans and designs. There is also a FAQ section at the bottom of the page:
Rack Dimensions
CAD Profiles


Rack assembly is fast and simple. It takes only a few minutes to clip them together.

Assembly starts with a Base Module – onto which the required number of Bottle Modules are stacked. The individual modules slide and snap together to provide a seamless, flowing, organic shape. Each module forms the lower half of one bottle cavity and the top of the next, enabling the building of stacks as high as you need. Multiple stacks can nest side by side to create a continuous free-flowing storage wall.

Need help? Use our custom size calculator to work out exactly what you can fit in your space.

Alternatively you can contact us with your space dimensions and we’ll figure it out for you.

Wine Rack metal components


Echelon Wine Racks can be tailored to suit your space.

Whether you are a kitchen designer, architect, carpenter or an individual looking for a bespoke contemporary design to set off a space to perfection, our wine racks can be custom ordered to suit your requirements.

Use the interactive calculator or send us height and width measurements of your space and we will be happy to prepare a drawing and quotation.


Wine racks under stairs
These racks can be configured for unusual spaces such as under a staircase. If you have a non-rectangular space, send your measurements and we’ll work out some options.


To assist in creating CAD drawings, designers and architects can download extrusion profiles in DWG format. All DWG profiles are simplified for easy and accurate assembly within your CAD system.

Please contact us if you require further guidance or information regarding the assembly of the Echelon Wine Rack system.

To download .dwg profiles click on the profile images (save link as):

Bottles 6x


Base & Bottle


Base Module


Bottle Module




Q: What is the largest bottle I can fit in these racks?

A: Maximum bottle diameter is 92mm (3-5/8”). This is large enough for virtually all wine and most champagne bottles. Some champagne bottles have a larger diameter but this is rare.

Q: Can the 6, 12 and 24 Bottle Kits be joined together?

A: Yes. It is a modular system so they can connect vertically and nest side by side. You can increase storage capacity at any time.

Q: What if my available space does not suit the kit sizes?

A: The kits are conveniently sized and an easy way to order. However, we can also supply custom configurations to suit your space. There is no minimum order. We provide an interactive calculator that lets you work out the best arrangement for your available space. Go to Size Calculator where you can input width and height, then submit your details for quoting. Please note that we can offer discounts for larger volumes. If you have an unusual space (under staircase for example) then simply contact us with measurements and we will respond with a drawing and quote.

Q: Can the racks be wall mounted?

A: No. The racks are designed to sit on a horizontal surface such as shelf, bench or built-in joinery. Ensure that the horizontal surface has sufficient strength to support combined weight of rack and bottles. Wall brackets are provided to secure the racks to the wall. These brackets are designed to secure the racks laterally, they are not intended to provide support in the vertical axis.

Q: What are the racks made of?

A: The racks are made from extruded aluminium and finished with an architectural grade clear satin anodizing.

Q: How long do the kits take to assemble?

A: Not very long. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to assemble. Find out more in the Assembly page.

Q: If I want to build the racks into cabinetry or joinery, can you give technical advice to my designer or cabinet maker?

A: Yes. We are very happy to offer technical assistance to your designer and cabinet maker.

Q: I am an architect/designer. Can I obtain DWG profiles to incorporate into my CAD design?

Yes. We have DWG files available for download. There is a selection of simplified assembles that you can combine to suit your design.


Q: Where do you carry stock?

A: We warehouse in Michigan USA, Slough UK and Sydney Australia. The racks ship direct from the warehouse to you. Europe is serviced out of our UK warehouse.

Q: How are the racks packaged?

A: The racks are shipped flat-packed in cartons.

Q: What if I live in another country?

A: If you live outside USA, Europe or Australia we can still deliver to you. Simply write to us for a shipping quote. We have distributors in New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey. Details are listed on the Contact page.